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AQHA Cobrio, black stallion, was the first horse to take over my heart.  He was a 5 years old stallion and just green broke when I first saw him, but the potential was there.  He was my "Ideal" Quarter Horse.  His pedigree was stellar with all Leading Sires and Leading Dams and conformation that was fantastic.  PLUS he was a gentle as a gelding and even green broke was mannerly and smooooth.  I had to have him !
He went to Herb Manore in NC for training and after 2 months he went to his first show. . the huge Mid Winter show in Raleigh NC.  His class of Senior Pleasure horses was very large. . . 40+ of seasoned senior horses.  He made the top 15 !!!  He went on to finish his ROM in Western Pleasure, acquired pionts in Reining and Western Riding. He was my wonderful stallion and was on his way. . .
Then tragedy . . .during my divorce I was boarding him at a friends.  She let her rank stallion get loose and he broke into Cobrio's stall and attacked him  He was 16.3 and Cobrio was 15.2. . . he got the bad end of the fight. Broken upper and lower jaw from a kick, ruptured flexor tendon on hind leg, fractured pastern and extreme blood loss from multiple severe bites and lacerations and shock to name a few. NC State University Vets worked hard on him but his injuries were too severe.
He was sent quietly over the rainbow bridge. . .his suffering was ended. . . mine still continues.  There is still a huge empty place in my heart for him after all these years.

Run free my beautiful gentle one. . . .
My Fantastic Family

This is a model horse that I still have that I was showing in Model Horse Shows (yes they have those).  Blazing Copper is a Morab stallion "Mudir", sculpted by Kristina Frances Lucas and is, by now, a one of a kind in the bay color.  He stands about 14-16" high and he won almost every time he was shown.  I took him to my first NAMHSA National show in Lexington Kentucky and he won Reserve National Champion - China - Part Arab/Morab from a very large class.   He is stil my favorite model. 
Cristmas 2012
Barry, Carolyn, Billy, Jennifer,Kerie, Bradley, Angelia, Ryan, MOM, Grace, Madison, Chris, 
Vince, Stephanie, Hunter, Regan, Robbie, Bo, Robert, Anna, Alexander Clayton & Me
Chris Younts
My MOM and my best friend. . a huge empty hole is in my life.  I still feel her presence around me strongly and catch myself wanting to call her to chat daily.  

Love you MOM !

In memory of William B Owen
Oct 10, 1927 - May 8, 1982
Lost my Dad way too soon.  
 Never had a mean word for anyone and I have no memory of my parents ever fighting.
He loved us all and his grandchildren.


My two beautiful sons and family. They are my strength
Alexander Younts 
and Charlie
AMHA/AMHR Double Ks Scottie Too Hottie HOF
Scottie was the second horse to take a place in my heart.  He was such an outstanding, gentle little 33.75" stallion.  I bought him at a sale for a ridiculously low price because it was near the end and no one  wanted a stallion. The moment I saw him enter the sale ring I had to have him.  He started his show career two months later. He quickly started winning and earned Reserve National Champion 2 years in a row.  He then completed his HOF after a year off. It was with much thought and pain that I made the decision to find a great home for him with the pain in my back increasing.  Love ya Scottie !!
                        Sugar Bars - Three Bars      
              /              Juleo - Leo 
Sire: Brio  
                \               Poco Pine - Poco Bueno
              Poco Pine Cone
                        Poco Bueno - King P234  
                   Poco Pine 
Dam: Pine Cody
               \               Bill Cody - Wimpy P1
              Blon Cody
Clayton n Katherine Younts
Owen n Grant 
Robert Thomas Owen
07/01/1957 - 01/06/2023
My younger brother passed peacefully Jan 6 after a very short illness. I will miss his impish smile.