Kaprikorn was begun in 1983 and is located in central NC. 
I started out showing Keeshonds and was very successful with this
finishing many Champions awarding my foundation bitch, CH Ashbrook Sea Breeze, ROMX - Top Producer.  Many of her offspring went on to produce many top quality show Champions
 who in turn continued the tradition. After a major life change I dispersed my kennel and was just going thru the paces for many years.

   Then in 2007 I discovered the Miniature Horse. I started out as most with a few  "pocket ponies"  and then got bitten by the "showbug".  I got serious in 2010 when I acquired AMHR Double K's Scottie Too Hottie, 50% Arenosa stallion.  Under the expert hands of  James Walsh - RHA Training Center,  Scottie won the titles of  2010 & 2011 AMHR Reserve National Champion Stallion plus an additional 2 Top 5s .  He also won 2011 AMHA World Top Ten Senior Stallion over a huge class of the best in the nation.  After a rest period he returned in 2013 and finished his HOF HALTER as a senior stallion in just a few shows.  But now in 2015, with the increase in my back problems, I am sadly ending my Miniature Horse program with much heartache.
Kaprikorn Miniatures   
Sheryl Owen
Lexington,  NC
Updated 10/17/16
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   So now in 2014 a new door has opened, I have a new challenge.... the Miniature American Shepherd (Miniature Aussie). These fantastic little dogs are the perfect size for me to lift and I am looking forward to many fun years showing them. The Miniature American Shepherd (MAS) is now, as of July 1 2015, officially recognized by AKC !!!
Look for further info on the MAS page on my wonderful dogs.

AKC GCHB Linderland Kickin Up Kaprikorn
 BOB -  6 Breed points / 5 point major 1/31/2016
BOB - 3 Breed points / 2 points 2/4/16
BOB over a Special - 7 Breed points / 5 point major - CHAMPION 2/5/16
#1 Bitch Breed in AKC Statistics - Feb 29
BOB - 2 Breed points / 2 GCH points - 3/23/2016
BOB - 4 Breed points / 4 GCH points - 3/24/2016
BOB - 6 Breed points / 5 GCH points - 3/25/2016​
​BOB - 6 Breed points / 5 GCH points - GRAND CHAMPION 3/26/2016
#1 Bitch Breed in AKC Statistics - March 31
#1 Bitch Breed in AKC Statistics - April 30
Group 3 !!! 5/12/16ta
#1 Bitch Breed in AKC Statistics - May 30 
#2 Bitch Breed in AKC Statistics - June
BOB - 6 Breed points / 5 GCH points - 7/23/16
Select Bitch - 1 GCH points - 7/24/16
#2 Bitch Breed in AKC Statistics - July
BOB - 5 GCH points - BRONZE GRAND CHAMPION - 8/1//2016
#2 Bitch Breed in AKC Statistics - August
due to very low entry numbers in June July and August on East Coast there were few points to win

​Kit is off the circuit for a while to rest and chill out
Mini Amer Sherpherd           
Past Litters
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AKC Legacy's Royal Flush
BOW / BOS - 2 points 10/01/2016
AKC CH Battlefield's Turn Up the Heat CM
BOB - 2 GCH points with CH defeat 10/15/2016
BOB - 1 GCH point with CH defeat  10/16/2016