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Guardian Program
  This is a great way to obtain a top quality bred young MAS without all the hassel of young puppy training.  These are special girls or boys that were kept for show or breeding purposes and either matured over the standard size to show or have completed their AKC championship at a young age and need to go run and play, grow and mature in a family environment. They are fully socialized here at Kaprikorn in a home environment, leash trained, house broken, crate trained and up to date on all vaccines. They are ready to enjoy !

  As a Guardian, she/he becomes part of your family and lives with you.  Breeding rights are retained by Kaprikorn.  If in the future a breeding is wanted, this is after she/he reaches 2 years old if this is a younger girl or male.  Kaprikorn will be responsible for ALL medical expenses, required health clearance tests and OFA while at Kaprikorn.  You are responsible only for all vaccines, wormings and health checks as you would do with any dog you own. If this is a girl, Kaprikorn will whelp the litter (if you desire) and maintain her until puppies are weaned at around 6 weeks and then she will be returned to you in a normal healthy condition.  This will NOT be done more than 3 breedings and after such time she will be transferred completely to you upon vet statement that the she has been spayed. If this is a boy, Kaprikorn retains all sole breeding rights on him. If after 2 years he is not used for stud, then he will be transferred to you after notification from a vet that he has been neutered.
  You have the opportunity to own a top bred quality dog, fully tested and at a greatly reduced fee.  This gives Kaprikorn space to keep future show and breeding stock and maintain our high breed standard and socialize each individual puppy.  

  If this looks like a good option for you, give me a call and we can discuss this more in detail.