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Kaprikorn Keeshonds was started in 1982 with the purchase of CH Ashbrook's Sea Breeze "Krazy" from Linda Moss.  She was a beautiful girl and had just finished her championship. She was my foundation bitch and went on to earn a ROMX Top Producing Bitch ( back then she was the second top producing bitch in the breed).  I then went on to finish many Champions and their offspring did the same.  In the short time that I was breeding and showing there were 52 Champions finished in 3 generations, whose offspring went on to produce many more, plus HOFs and ROMs.  Many more might have been added, but I stopped breeding and showing on 1991 due to a life change and some excellent Kees were spayed/neutered when I dispursed my kennel.
Clayton, my youngesrt son then about 12 years old, in Junior Showmanship with CH Kaprikorn Katydid.  He did alot of winning and was the first to qualify a Kees for Westminster in Junior Handling.  He also finished her in the breed ring in 4 shows( back when it took 12-14 entries for a major)  
Our first litter by CH Shandell Calvin Klein in 1983:
CH Kaprikorn Kricket BOSS * 
CH Kaprikorn Kid #
CH Kaprikorn Katrina *
CH Ashbrook's Kaprikorn Kellie  *
CH Ashbrook's Kaprikorn Shakaze #

Her second litter by CH Ashbrook's Buccaneer in 1984:
CH Kaprikorn Krackerjack *
CH Kaprikorn Kodie ROM *
CH Kaprikorn Katydid #
CH Kaprikorn Karizma *

CH Kaprikorn Kricket

CH Kaprikorn Whirl-Y-Bird *
CH Kaprikorn Tilt a Whirl *
CH Ashbrook's Kaprikorn Whirl

CH Ashbrook's Kaprikorn Kelli 

CH Bo-Den's Kaprikorn Ariel *
CH Bo-Den's Riverside Seranade
CH Cedarcrest's Campus Cutie

CH Kaprikorn Kodie ROM 

CH Ashbrook's High Times CDX TD
CH Ashbrook's High Falutin ROM *
CH Ashbrook's High Style HOF
CH Kaprikorn Color Me Wudnshu #
CH Kaprikorn Konan #
CH Kaprikorn Krumbsnatcher #
Her third litter by Calvin in 1985:

CH Shandell Kaprikorn Kira #

Her fourth litter by CH Darcroft's Sir Lancelot  in 1987:

CH Kaprikorn Kastle Guard #
CH Kaprikorn Kismet
CH Darcroft Camelot Cool Breeze #
Darcroft Nabisco CDX #

"Krazy's" Champion Producing Offspring 
CH Bo-Den's Kaprikorn Ariel 

CH Cara Fool Proof BIS HOF   *
CH Cara Foolin' Aroumd
CH Cara Foolish Pleasure
CH Cara Fools Rush In
CH Kaprikorn Whirl-Y-Bird 

CH Kaprikorn Konan  #
CH Kaprikorn Krumbsnatcher  #
CH Kaprikorn Tilt a Whirl sire of 3 litters

CH Vandys Quill * ( CH Vandy's Urie)
CH Vandys Quarry
CH Vandys Q Leincha

CH Bischars Man About Town

CH Ashbrook Klifhaus Serenade *
CH Clifhaus Ashbrook Harmony
CH Clifhaus Southern Melody
CH Kaprikorn Krackerjack

Ch Shandell Oliver Twist
CH Kaprikorn Katrina

CH Kaprikorn Komet of Ashbrook
CH Ashbrook's High Falutin ROM

CH Tri-Bears Ashbrook Accent
CH Tri-Bears Southern Belle
CH Tri-Bears Pioneer Trademark

CH Tri-Bears Silver Shadow
CH Tri-Bears Medicine Man

CH Tri-Bears Heart on Fire
CH Tri-Bears Heart Breaker

CH Cara Fool Proof BIS HOF

CH Per-Kes Senior Proof
CH Cara Absolutre Proof E'Sprit HOF *
CH Cara Bullet Proof
Ashbrook Free and Easy HOF
Ch Kaprikorn Konan
9-12 Puppy 
Leigh High Speciality
My last show
CH Kaprikorn Kid
CH Kaprikorn Kricket BOSS / Reserve winners Bitch  9-12 puppy
Capitol Speciality
My first show and her first show    
* denotes Champion producers and pictured below        # denotes dogs that were never bred
CH Kaprikorn Katie   
1987 KCA/KFCS Speciality

CH Kaprikorn Krumbsnatcher
Best in Sweeps
Helen Cuneo Judge

Free and Easy
Q Leincha
Bred, owned and shown by Vandy Kennels
Owned and shown by Ashbrook Kennel
Owned and shown by Ashbrook Kennel
Owned and shown by 
Ashbrook Kennel
Bred, owned and shown by Kaprikorn Kennel
Bred, owned and shown by Kaprikorn Kennel, later purchased by Shelly Rook
Bred, owned and shown by
 Kaprikorn Kennel
Bred by
Kaprikorn Kennel
Owned and shown 
by Shirley Shannon/Shandell Kennel
Bred by 
Kaprikorn Kennel
Owned and shown 
Owned and shown 
by Cara Kennels
Bred, owned and shown by
 Kaprikorn Kennel
Bred by
 Kaprikorn Kennel
Owned and shown 
by -------- Kennel
Bred, owned and shown by
 Kaprikorn Kennel
Bred, owned and shown by
 Kaprikorn Kennel
Bred, owned and shown by
 Kaprikorn Kennel
Bred, owned and shown by
 Kaprikorn Kennel
Bred by
 Kaprikornn Kennel
Bred, owned and shown by
 Kaprikorn Kennel
Owned and shown by 
Ashbrook Kennel
   CH Shandell Calvin Klein BOB  
CH Ashbrooks Sea Breeze ROMX  BOS
Sire and Dam of Kid and Kricket
5 point majors with a large stiff compitetion
Kaprikorn Kid WD
 Kaprikorn Kricket BOW
5 point majors